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Nothing “sparks joy” in my life quite like dining at a – really f*cking awesome and downright delicious – *new* restaurant in LA. And then sharing the bounties of my discoveries with my best friends of course! It’s a full-time job trying to keep up with the dining scene in LA. But know that anything that makes it on this list hits most if not all of my pre-requisites. Some of which include: A+ ambiance, quality service, an interesting menu, or a worthwhile splurge. Others also live up to the hype, or simply offers damn good food. I am not over here trying to compete with the likes of Eater or the Infatuation. However, I am an honest “LA foodie.” I have a genuine desire to stay on the pulse and highlight what’s actually worth your time.

Encanto in Los Feliz has a sleek and modern vibe that is met with innovative cocktails and a simple yet delicious dinner menu. The build-your-own tacos are a must here, as is the skirt steak. At first glance, the cocktail list might be a bit overwhelming, but if you’re in the mood for rum, go for the Topo Cana! This refreshing cocktail is reminiscent of a mojito without the annoying mint leaves clogging up your straw. That said, fellow mezcal lovers will appreciate the bold flavors in the El Tomi.

Written by Caroline for Love and & Loathing


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