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Loop Magazine - Night in Los Feliz: Our Favorite Hotspots for Drinking and Dining

Although a smaller neighborhood of Los Angeles, Los Feliz is no stranger to fine dining or a crafty cocktail experience. With so many different styles of restaurants and bars, there is a venue in Los Feliz for every person and occasion. Given that it is fairly close to Silverlake, many of the locations I enjoy most have that young, artsy, familiar vibe to them. Although I have accumulated an extensive list of favorite restaurants and bars over the years, I have narrowed it down to the top six you just have to try.

Encanto is an upscale Mexican restaurant and bar located in the heart of Los Feliz. Given how much I love Mexican food, it is no surprise that this place made my list. While dining here, I ordered their vegetarian tacos which were both creamy and spicy – I was pleasantly surprised with how delicious these were. I also was impressed with the quality Paloma, which kept me coming to back to the bar for more. Overall, the vibes, food, and drinks at this venue were incredible.

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